Breed Info

Weimaraner, sometimes referred to as Weim, Weimer and “Gray Ghost” is a breed originating in Germany. Weimaraner puppies grow up to be large in size averaging about 70 lbs. when mature and can make great additions to any family. Their sleek coat can be a mouse gray to silver gray with a sometimes lighter shade around the head and face. Their eyes are always amber, gray or blue-gray. Weimaraners are also excellent swimmers as a result of their webbed feet. Friendly and highly intelligent, Weimaraners can seem aloof, but are very obedient and can be trained in a multitude of tasks. Most of all, Weimaraners love people, dogs, cats, are eager to please, quick to learn and provide unwavering loyalty to their families. With all pets, socialization is key to their development and will allow them to adapt to any scenario that may exist at your home. Our goal is to be one of the best Weimaraner breeders through the inclusion of champion handpicked bloodlines promoting first & foremost, good health and longevity, and emphasizing a priority on all the desirable traits of a show/pet quality purebred.